Excavation and Installation

Clark Drainage install new pipework if a drain is deemed beyond repair, we take care of manhole construction, manhole cover installs and pipe access installations.

blocked drains

Broken Drainage Systems

Clark Drainage’s trained technicians can replace and remove all damaged drainage systems with new pipework and can reinstate drain and manhole covers and rodding eye points. If a technician deems any pipework to be damaged beyond repair, we can easily locate the defect, excavate onto the pipework and start to cut away sections that are damaged, bonding the new pipe working onto the existing system.

Inspection Chambers

One of the problems when working with a blocked drain is the Inspection chamber (manhole). Most of the time these are covered or sealed down, when this happens it is no longer possible to access drains on your property. Our experienced technicians can locate hidden chambers and expose them for excavation, our skilled technicians can also construct complete new chambers in order to gain another access point t your drainage systems.

Drainage System Accessibilities

Accessing drainage systems can be difficult in many properties, both domestic and commercial. If an issue is to arise within a system, appropriate access is key to ensure action is taken promptly and and effectively. Having rodding access installed correctly onto exposed pipework i.e stack pipes will allow our technician to to remove and clear any blockages, that could arise. They in turn provide a suitable place for drainage maintenance and survey to carried out. If an access point cannot be found, any faults, repairs or blockages may result in a section of pipe work to be removed.

Excavation Works

Often, Clark Drainage will carry out excavations to investigate the cause of damaged drains, leaks and blockages, these excavations also render the the purpose of an installation and or replacement of a drainage system.

Broken, Collapsed Drain Repairs

Following a CCTV drain survey or site inspection by a senior Clark Drainage technician, an excavation can be made on a drainage system.

When repairs have to be made underground, it requires an experienced specialist to locate the defect, and carry out the appropriate working onto the system, wether it be repairing the original system, or replacing sections of it whole.

When a drainage system is blocked and is reported for excavation, the cost can vary as many factors affect the time involved and equipment required, also taken into account is the surrounding areas. When instructed, we will access the drainage system, identify the fault, and then work on the most appropriate action that is both quick and cost effective, with minimum disruption to the environment and area.

Clark drainage have invested heavily in the latest equipment and machinery that enable us to lay pipes while carrying out drain replacement services. Our drainage services are used on various drainage systems ranging from cast iron, plastic, pitch fibre and concrete drains.

Large and small projects

At Clark Drainage, we cater for all sizes of jobs. We can have worked on drainage from domestic household drains to large commercial civil engineering projects for Local Authorities