Drain Maintenance Services

Clark Drainage’s Maintenance Service gives customers a regular inspection to remove scaling and general blockages, leaving drains clear and free to flow without any disruptions, grating you peace of mind of a drainage system that will function all year round..

Why have regular Drain Maintenance?

A routinely flushed drainage system that is equipped with scale removal deposits released throughout the pipe work will rarely block. You will have access to unlimited call outs and peace of mind knowing your drains will function in advance. Take advantage of Clark’s drain maintenance service today by calling 0808 164 0776.

Clark Drain Maintenance Service

As part of any maintenance contract here are Clark’s, we arrange for a technician to visit your premises at no cost to you, they will carry out a site inspection, and generate a report for the action needed to maintain your drainage system. We can conduct an tailored package at an estimated cost to best service your systems. Call out charges will be a thing of the past, as you start to benefit from a call out free service plan immediately.

Drain Maintenance: Descaling and Cleaning

When a Clark Drainage Technician’s feedback reports that a drainage system has built up a generous amount of scale, then the best course of action is to de-scale the area affected. The removal of all rough edges will be conducted in order to further prevent drain blockages.

A drain’s most common disruption of flow is scaled pipes, this causes obstruction in the general flow of the system. In many popular household areas, scaling can form rapidly. Kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms and dishwashers are prime candidates for rapid scaling, affecting underground drains causing a common block. Many customers with blocked drains in these areas will try to combat the blockage with ‘store bought’ chemicals, this mostly slows the process down, leading into a false sense of security that the problem has gone. Store bought solutions have chemicals that can cause damage to pipework, which later can lead to the replacement of a system, not to mention the environmental impact these chemicals have overall.

By taking advantage of Clark drain maintenance Service, your household or business can avoid situations that can lead to disruption. We can provide a tailored quotation for your drainage system that is both cost effective and affordable. Call the experts today on 0808 164 0776.