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CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV Drain Survey

Most of the time, drain blockages can be fixed fairly easily using our jetting equipment. However, if the problem is more complicated than it first appeared, then our technicians will need to take a closer look. To do this, they carry out expert CCTV Surveys and SONDE Plus Locating. Not only does this allow us to identify the cause of virtually any drainage problem, but it also helps us come up with the most cost-effective course of action to get things fixed for you.

When you book a CCTV Drain Survey with Clark Drainage, you will receive a full report on a DVD, as well as a comprehensive PDF document complete with detailed information of the survey and the site plan. If the survey uncovers any defects, then the camera will take high-quality pictures that allow our technicians to identify the best solution. Finally, you will also be provided with an estimated cost for the required work- ensuring there are no nasty surprises further down the line. Instead, everything is clear and simple, to give you extra peace of mind.

CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV Drain Surveys Find the Source of the Problem Fast

In some cases you may just be facing a maintenance issue where a drainage system hasn’t been cleaned, or serviced. In many cases, the problem may simply be a maintenance issue. If the drainage system hasn’t been cleaned or serviced in a while, then scale and dirt will form into solid lumps that can be difficult to dislodge. However, our high-pressure water jets usually make short work of any problem- and if that doesn’t work, then we’ve got even more powerful equipment to get the job done.

In the rare cases where your drain survey results show that the problem is more serious- such as a collapsed drain- then we’ll use our approved, industry-standard software to create a full report for you. You’ll receive a full HD video of the survey, along with a written report explaining the problem. The report also includes a site plan and images showing the precise location of the problem, and an estimated cost for the work required. With all this information in hand, you can make a fully informed decision about how to move forward- we always like to make sure our customers are completely clear before we start work.

CCTV Drain Survey, Technology and Crawler Units

Clark Drainage only use the latest in drain surveying technology, to get the very best results possible. Our expert technicians can navigate their way through toilet pans, trapped gullies and 45-degree bends with ease, to check over every last inch of your drainage system. We don’t just cover smaller pipes, either. If required, we can supply crawler units for surveys of larger diameter pipework, up to 900mm. At Clark Drainage, no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Our expertise also comes in handy when analysing the footage, too. The HD video allows our technicians to easily spot any damage, faults, or structural problems, and we can then come up with the most cost-effective solution for any drain issue.

CCTV Drain Survey Services & Solutions

Drain repairs can vary depending on how serious the problem is. In some cases, point-patch repairs are enough to fix things, whereas more significant damage might call for pipe excavation. If tree roots are causing the problem, then our drainage technicians will use water-driven root cutting heads to trim away at the roots. We’ll then carry outlining procedures to prevent any further growth and stop the issue from happening again. With a range of different techniques and tools at their disposal, our technicians are prepared for anything they might be faced with.

To keep the customer in the loop, we can provide our detailed reports either on a DVD, or an SD card. To keep our services competitive, we stick to a fixed hourly rate for survey work, so you only pay for what you actually need. As the most cost-effective CCTV survey service in Glasgow and beyond, Clark Drainage are the obvious choice to solve all your drain-related issues. Whether you’ve got a serious problem on your hands, or just want some extra peace of mind about your drains, get in touch today on 0808 164 0776 – we are always on hand to help!

Frequently Asked Questions about your CCTV Drain Survey

Can you carry out a Pre-purchase/ Homebuyers Survey?
Yes, we are happy to provide homebuyers with an in-depth CCTV Drain Surveys and accompanying report. We also provide additional information about the drainage system, all at a very competitive price. For more information on this service, please get in touch on 0808 164 0776.

Do you need access to the building?
In most cases we do not need access to the building, as long as the manholes are outside of the building.

Do I need to be home in order to carry out a CCTV Drain Survey?
In most cases, we can carry out our CCTV drain surveys without access to the building. As long as the manholes are outside of the building, everything can be done remotely.

What is included in the CCTV Drain Survey Report?
No, you do not need to be present for our surveys. All of our vans are equipped with the most appropriate technology to ensure surveys can be conducted at minimal disruption to the home/business owner.

How do I receive my CCTV Drain Survey Report?
Reports can be sent electronically via email with a PDF attachment, along with the video footage. Alternatively, we can send the full report and a DVD via post if you would prefer.

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Clark Drainage were very helpful when I called, they handled the problem promptly and friendly, our drainage system is in a very tight location and I was impressed they managed to resolve it so quickly.

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25th January 2019

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Quick, polite and friendly service.

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