Blocked Drains

At Clark Drainage we strive to provide each customer with the best possible service and expertise at the most completive prices in Glasgow. We are a well established Drainage Company, full trained and equipped to service your drainage problem at your time of need. May it be overflowing, a blocked or broken drain, Clark are here to conquer the war on blocked drains.

Blocked Drains

If your household/business is suffering and or compromised by a damaged drain, Clark Drainage are on hand, and only a phone call away. We provide all of our customers with a 24-unblocking and drain repair service, so there is no need to worry or wait around on a solution to fix a blocked drain. No matter where you are in Glasgow, we aim to get to you promptly. We guarantee to respond to all emergency enquires as soon as possible, with an average response time of an hour of two, so why wait? Get piece of mind by calling the drainage experts on 0808 164 0776.

Drain Unblocking Technology

Clark Drainage are the experts when it come to drain unblocking, we only use the best technology, tools and technicians, when dealing with any drain related issue. We have many years experience in the drain unblocking industry, and our customer service is second to none. At Clark no job is too small, we cover all aspects of drain unblocking, from damages caused to pipe by tree roots, to more complicated issues that can arise in systems of a larger scale, where additional efforts in sourcing the problem is required.

Drain blockages are an inconvenience, there is never a well timed drain blockage. Most blockages are caused by broken pipes, the build up of lime scale & hair, and even soap residue. No matter the cause of the issue, it can be stressful situation when trying to deal with it on your own, that’s why Clark Drainage technicians are on hand to have your drainage faults repaired quickly, putting your mind at ease.

High Pressure Water Jetting for Blocked Drains

High pressure water jetting is a popular technique used at Clark’s and other drainage companies, we use method to to unblock and clear main drains, toilet drains, bath drains and sewer drains. This technique is normally all that is required for simple straight forward problems, as it is the most effective way in which to eliminate the problem completely. We also use CCTV Drain Surveys in more complicated areas, these surveys are excellent for our technicians in determine exactly the location of the problem. This enable us to calculate the cost involved in solving the problem and also the best possible way of removing the problem without causing any more further damage to the pipes and system.

At Clark’s we will do everything possible to restore your current drainage system, by using the most up to date technologies and drainage techniques available. This saves both ourselves and customers, time and more importantly money, that could be spent on drainage replacements that may not be required. Clark Drainage are an ethical company. If our technicians deem your system unfixable, the well will provide the most cost effective advice and action plan needed to render a solution.

Best Drainage Rates for Blocked Drains

Clark Drainage provide the most completive fees for drain clearance, drain unblocking, and emergency drain repair. We understand that drainage issues are never planned for and can become pricey, that’s why we aim the most affordable and relabel drainage company in Glasgow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drains, sewers and Lateral Drains, what are these?
A drain is a singular piped system that exports sewage from an individual property. A sewer is a shared waste water system between two or more properties. A lateral drain is a system that is beyond the boundaries of your property, mainly these can be found on footpaths belonging to public and private land connected to a sewer.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?
If your toilet will no longer flush, or a manhole outside your property has overflown beyond the cover, or more commonly an foul smell and and slurping sound emerges from your properties plug holes

Who responsible for maintaining and unblocking drains?
If the unblocking and repairing of a drain is inside the boundaries of the home owner, then the responsibility lies with the home owner. If the problem occurs in a drain or sewer outside the your property then of course the problem could be with you local council. If you are unsure about who is responsible for a blocked drains at near or at your property, talk to your surrounding neighbours first, as you may be charged for an unnecessary call out.