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Why Checking Drainage Health Is Vital Before Buying a Property

Why Checking Drainage Health Is Vital Before Buying a Property

When buying a property, we all know that having a look around and giving it a proper inspection is vital to making sure that our investment is sensible. However, what do we do about the number of regions around a home that we cannot see?

In this article, we will discuss one service we offer that can make the difference between property heaven and property nightmare. For more information, give us a call today on 0808 164 0776.

Should I Check the Drains When Buying a Property?

The short answer is yes; the general health of a drainage system can make the difference between securing your investment versus making it an incredibly expensive money sink!

Should I Check the Drains When Buying a Property?

When you are viewing a home or business premises, you can get an excellent idea for its general state of repair. After all, we can get plainly see its decorations, a lot of structural work; we can look at the roof, the bathroom, kitchen, and a lot else.

However, there are a lot of things that might not be obvious due to the fact that we cannot see them as they are hidden away out of sight and, in many cases, out of mind. One of these systems is drainage systems where the pipes are within the walls and underground.

If the drainage system has not been looked after (if the pipes are in disrepair, or are clogged with various substances and debris), then disaster in the form of blocks, bursts, flooding, or any combination of the three, will eventually follow.

This will lead to unwelcome disruption and will generally result in expensive repairs which will completely change your original investment. Imagine stretching your budget to purchase your dream home only to suffer a bill for £10,000 or more after moving in? Not good.

Old Homes and Metal Pipes

When purchasing an older property which is likely to have an original cast iron pipe system, it is crucial you carry out a proper check of the state of the system. This is because metal corrodes and rusts over time, which will weaken it and cause various leaks and other problem areas.

It is unlikely that a metal drainage system from 80, one hundred, or even more years ago will be entirely problem free is doubtful. You need to protect yourself by having a proper check-up carried out, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

So How Can Clark Drainage Help?

In the past, carrying out a check on a drainage system was not a straightforward process. Technicians would have to try and work out where a problem was and undertake expensive and disruption excavation to get a closer look – a comprehensive general check-up was not possible.

However, modern CCTV camera technology provides an incredibly effective solution. By guiding an HD camera on the end of a long, robust wire through a drainage system, we can get a crystal clear view of what is going on within the pipes.

Our technicians will explore every last inch of the system and will use their expertise to identify immediate problems, looming issues, and possible future faults. We can then offer a full report in a format of your choosing that will show a map of the system and an accompanying explanation.

We will also send you a video file of the entire survey, either on a USB pen or DVD, which you can watch and get your own idea of what is going in with the drainage system you are about to be responsible for!

Get in Touch

A flood can absolutely decimate a property, and it can put a severe strain on your finances if you do not account for the possibility when buying a home or business premises. However, a relatively straightforward CCTV Drain Survey will help to protect yourself against an unexpected disaster.

Our technicians are incredibly experienced and will use their expertise to carry out a survey that will shine a light on every crack, clog, blockage, or weakened pipes in order to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.

This is a sensible investment when it comes to any property purchase but is absolutely critical when it comes to older properties with cast iron systems. Give us a call today on 0808 164 0776 for more information or to arrange for the service.

Alternatively, complete our contact form and one of our team will give you a call as soon as possible.



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25th January 2019


I would struggle to find a fault, great service.

Shirley Muir
25th January 2019

Great advice

Great advice and service, would recommend.

Phil Guthrie
25th January 2019

Local Review

After Clark Drainage’s Camera Survey, I was informed of the action that was to be taken due to the block. True to their word, the blockage has gone and never come back.

Mrs Penn

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