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What Causes Burst Pipes?

What Causes Burst Pipes?

Burst pipes are incredibly destructive and can lead to anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds of damage throughout your home. The question remains, however, why does this happen? While the answer might seem obvious, you may be surprised.

In this article, we will have a closer look at what causes these issues which might provide you with advice on steps you can take to avoid the problems. Give us a call now on 0808 164 0776 for more information.

The Things That Cause a Pipe to Burst

There are two common things that will cause a burst to crack or burst, and one might be more evident than the other:

  • Frozen Pipes
  • Blocked Pipes

The Things That Cause a Pipe to Burst

Why Do Frozen Pipes Burst?

A good percentage of people will be well aware of the problems that you can encounter when the cold weather sets in and your pipes start to freeze. It might start off as a frustrating block, but if you don’t do anything to intervene, you will soon be dealing with a catastrophic burst.

The question remains, what causes a pipe to burst in cold weather?

Essentially, it comes down to the complicated chemistry of frozen water. When the majority of things get colder, they start to shrink. This is the reason the stiffness or locking mechanism on your front door might change between winter and summer.

However, water doesn’t do this. The chemical structure of water means that it forms ice crystals which actually expand in area which can be a death sentence for your pipes.

What happens is a clog begins and gathers more and more until water flow through the pipes is constricted. Eventually, the gap will close further and further until the pressure is so intense that the pipe walls will burst.

How to Combat a Frozen Pipe

In order to stop a pipe from freezing and ultimately bursting, it is essential to insulate any pipes that you can with insulator foam. Similarly, you can even go out and warm up the pipes manually, perhaps using a hair dryer or even a blow torch.

Also, it is vital that you keep your heating on regularly when the weather is incredibly cold. This might seem like odd advice, as this is the most obvious time to have your heating on, but keep in mind you would be better using a timer if you are away over winter and such.

How Does a Block Pipe Burst?

However, frozen pipes aren’t the only things at risk of bursting. A regular non-temperature related clog can still lead to a burst.

Again, water pressure will build up very quickly when the water flow has nowhere to go. The water will back up more and more being forced forwards down a path that it cannot move through.

Eventually, the pressure will become so high that the pipe will give in and burst, meaning that water and various other debris inside the pipes will start to flood out causing untold damage.

There is no way to absolutely guarantee that this never happens, but you can reduce the risk significantly and make sure that it is very unlikely.

Firstly, watch what enters your drains. There are certain foods, materials, and substances that will very quickly combine to create a clog that water will not be able to get past.

Secondly, you can organise regular drain cleaning from qualified professionals like us. This involves blasting water at very high pressure through the pipes. The powerful stream of water will blast away anything clinging to the side of the pipes ensuring the flow remains at maximum capacity.

If the problem has already begun and you are aware of a blockage starting to grow, give us a call immediately. A blocked pipe isn’t the end of the world, and we can very quickly address the issue using a high-pressure water jet.

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As mentioned, a blocked pipe isn’t the end of the world, and neither is a burst one. Having said that, a burst pipe can cause a tremendous amount of damage that can absolutely wreck your home and garden.

Clark Drainage can help with all of the faults within your pipes, so give us a call today on 0808 164 0776.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Donald Robertson
25th January 2019

Exceeding Expectation

I expected the guys to unblock the drain and leave, instead tided up and cleaned away the mess and debris from the drain. I have used other companies in the past where I had to clean up afterwards. Thanks Boys.

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25th January 2019

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Colin was amazing, he managed to unblock the drain in my kitchen before my new kitchen arrived, very impressed, thank you to the Clark Team, – A stress free Karen.

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