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Roots and Your Drainage System

When we think of our drains being blocked, we usually think of things such as fats and grease, hair, or even plastic toys as being the culprit. However, there is something much more difficult to control which is always on...

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Protecting Your Drains During Winter

Although we aren’t quite at Winter yet, we are fast approaching it. Leaves are falling off the trees, and the temperature is rapidly dropping. This presents a number of challenges around the home;, especially to your drainage system. Keeping your...

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Keep Track of Leaks and Drips

Collapses, Drains, and Cracks Explained

The nature of drainage systems means they are subject to a host of issues which can cause them to malfunction. After all, they are often underground and subject to an array of elements and weathering effects. We can split problems...

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High-Pressure Water Jetting and Drainage Systems

As technology advances, so does the drainage industry. Instead of disruptive excavations, we can often carry out a CCTV drain survey. Where we used to use metal pipes, we can now use cheaper and more stable PVC. However, above all...

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What is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

Autumn, Drainage, and Falling Leaves

From season to season, the challenges you are going to face when it comes to drainage systems. Autumn is not exempt from its own unique challenges, and with the Summer coming to a close it is time for us to...

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Falling Leaves in Your Drainage System

When Did You Last Have a CCTV Drain Survey?

The nature of drainage systems means that it is impossible to guarantee that a critical fault won’t take place. They are, somewhat, exposed to the elements, and can have all manner of things travelling through them and causing clogs. Drain...

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Should I Get a Drain Survey Before Buying a House?

8 Things to Avoid Putting Down Your Drain

When drains are working properly, we often become lax about certain precautions that we should be taking to make sure that this continues. This means we can get lazy and can do things that end up causing serious problems within...

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Are Drain Cleaners a Good Option?

When a pipe gets blocked, either completely or partially, going to the supermarket and grabbing some drain cleaner can seem like a very tempting option. However, for a number of reasons, this is only a half measure in the short-term,...

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Why You Should Avoid Drain Cleaner

Dealing With Old Metal Pipes

Until relatively recently, drainage companies would use metal pipes rather than PVC when installing systems within homes. Typically, they would use cast iron metal pipes. This material has a very long lifespan, but after a few decades (some of these...

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0776. Problems with Old Metal Pipes

Drain Repair/Maintenance and Who Is Responsible

There are many levels to the UK’s drainage system, directing water and waste from your home to sewage plants throughout the nation. This begs the question, then, when a problem arises in a drainage system, who is responsible for fixing...

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Sewer Pipes