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Is Drainage Maintenance Cost-Effective?

Is Drainage Maintenance Cost-Effective?

Many people neglect their drainage system as they do not want to pay the costs of various upkeep methods. The question remains, however, is this more or less cost-effective in the long-term than paying a drainage company to carry out regular upkeep and maintenance?

In this blog, we will outline specific maintenance techniques that we provide, and why they are a solid investment in the long-term and can save you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

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Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is by far and away the best way to protect your drainage system from critical and expensive failures. Although it is impossible to bring this risk down to 0, nothing will make a more significant impact than ensuring your pipes are free from blockages.

The process involves blasting the system using high-pressure water jets. The impact of the water will disintegrate and wash away anything inside your pipes clinging to the side before they gain enough mass to create a clog.

The process only takes a couple of hours from the arrival of our technicians until they are packed up and away, and we can even do it remotely from a manhole cover outside meaning you might not have to be home at all.

By keeping your pipes clear, the flow of water within your drainage system will be much smoother and faster. Additionally, the chance of a blockage is brought down to an absolute minimum.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

Although it isn’t strictly maintenance, the best way of ensuring all the necessary maintenance is being carried out is by having CCTV Drainage surveys carried out. This will give you and our technicians a crystal-clear view of the inside of the drainage system.

The process involves feeding an HD camera on the end of a sturdy and robust wire through your drainage system. Again, we typically do not need access to your home in order to do this and can generally do it from a manhole cover in the street.

By inspecting your pipes, we can catch potential issues before they fully manifest. For example, we might spot a clog that is growing, but not yet critical. We might also locate a partial collapse before the pipe has given way entirely.

In order to make sure the procedure is as transparent as possible, we will provide the footage that we take as well as an accompanying document detailing the findings.

This is the best way to make sure that you avoid any critical problems that are likely to cause major disruption as well as costing you thousands of pounds.

A Caveat…

Although all of the advice we have offered in this article is fair and accurate, we are speaking generally about drainage companies which are, when all said and done, fit for purpose. There are some drainage systems which need to be replaced entirely, not just patched up.

Consider the cost of owning an old car, for example. Although the cost of buying a new car might be significantly more expensive than buying a new vehicle, the cost of the repairs you might need over a year or two can quickly make it the more expensive option.

If you have a drainage system that is many decades old which keeps suffering from various faults and bursts and so on, maintaining it might not be the most cost-effective option.

Dealing with one burst might not cost an incredible amount of money, but if four or five happen over a certain number of years resulting in repair costs and water damage, it quickly becomes much less financially viable.

Instead, replacing the system entirely is likely the most reasonable option. Although the initial investment will be very significant in the short-term, it will save you a considerable amount of money in the long-term.

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As you can see, maintenance is a fantastic method of making sure you aren’t surprised by any blockages, floods, or collapses that will lead to relatively costly repairs. Although maintenance incurs short-term costs, in the long-term it is a much more stable and cost-effective investment.

Clark Drainage prides itself in having a long history of providing reliable and effective repairs, maintenance, and installations for people throughout Scotland and the UK. To make an enquiry about our service today, or to schedule in a job, call us today on 0808 164 0776.

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