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How To Avoid Your Drains Getting Blocked by Autumn Leaves

How To Avoid Your Drains Getting Blocked by Autumn Leaves

How To Avoid Your Drains Getting Blocked by Autumn Leaves. The autumn season is always there annually and comes with falling leaves of different colors. It is characterized by yellow, orange and brown falling leaves. It has a good view as the leaves of different colors fall on the ground and change the color of the landscape.

Blocked Drain with Leaves - Leaves Blocking Drain - Clark Drainage

However, there are some adverse effects of this weather condition on the drains. The leaves that fall can accumulate on the drain thus blocking it.

Blocked Drains Can Cause Major Issues…

The drains in a home or any other business premise are important as they drain away waste water from the premises. In case they are blocked, water will be forced out and there could be flooding in the surrounding area. This can even flood your indoors and cause serious problems related to safety.

There are many dangers that are associated with indoor flooding such as electric shocks and damage to the electronics and delicate furniture. Knowing all such dangers, there are some ways you can use to defend against such autumn leaves this year and protect your drains from getting blocked:

1. Get Messy…

This is the first and the simplest solution you can apply. All you need is a free garden where you can dig a waste bin, gloves to remove leaves that accumulate in your drain and also a shovel to dig out.

How To Avoid Your Drains Getting Blocked by Autumn Leaves - Clark Drainage

All the clogging leaves are removed manually and placed in the dug bins and allowed to rot and mix with soil. Ensure that you remove all the leaves that settle in your drains and confirm that all the drains are open through. You may be required to do this many times especially if your compound has a lot of trees with falling leaves.

2. Use of a Vacuum…

This refers to a device that is capable of sucking all the debris and leaves that accumulates in the drains. This does not mean a household vacuum but is a vacuum that can be used on outdoor activities. It is used to pull all the masses of leaves that settle on the drains and any other solid particles.

It is very efficient when the length of the drain his long where human hand cannot go through. The device is not cheap and you many opt to hire instead of buying a new one.

3. The Use of Strainers/Guards…

This is one of the best an automatic ways to use in your drains. You simply have a strainer or a guard at the entry point of the leaves to the drains. This is a device that allows water to pass through but prevents leaves and other solid particles. It comes in various sizes, shapes and materials but they are all capable of performing the same job. You are required to remove all the particles that have accumulated in the guard after some time.

The leaves that accumulate if not removed after some time; they can block completely the strainer and prevent water from flowing. This can create a wet environment which is not good for the environment. The good thing about this method is that it is the simplest and the easiest to clean as all the leaves accumulates at one point. You just remove them after some time.

Stop Leaves and Debris From Entering Your Drains…

However, you can completely eliminate such issues by tidying up any leave that falls into your lawn. This prevents the leaves from finding their way to your drains by being blown by the wind. You can take your time to collect the leaves on regular basis and use them to make compost manure or even add to the existing one if you had established one.

However, there are some instances where you realize it is too late to remove all the leaves that have blocked your drains and you are not able to remove. At this point, you need the assistance of an expert who is a professional.

Call Clark Drainage Today…

In case you are in need of a professional, you can contact us at Clark Drainage as we are capable of assisting you to unblock any drain which is clogged with autumn leaves. Share with us your drainage problem and we will send a professional to your home to unblock your system. We have professionals who are experienced and well trained. They can never be challenged by any complicated issue related to drain blockage. We will do inspection and rectify any other drainage issue within the shortest time possible.

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