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Got a Blocked Sink? Try One of These D.I.Y. Cleaning Methods

Got a Blocked Sink? Try One of These D.I.Y. Cleaning Methods

Most of us will experience a blocked sink at some time or another. That’s not to say, though, that it’s always worth calling out the experts at Clark Drainage to deal with the issue. In many cases, the issue will turn out to only be a minor blockage that doesn’t need specialist equipment to tackle. Instead, you could try one of the following DIY drain clearing methods to see if that fixes things. There’s no harm in at least attempting to deal with a blocked sink yourself, and if all else fails, Clark Drainage is only a phone call away. So, let’s delve right in and examine just a few of the home solutions to a blocked sink.

The Baking Soda Method Clears Blocked Sinks Fast

Start off by boiling your kettle, so that you have some hot water ready to go. Then, take some baking powder and pour a liberal amount into the drain that’s clogged. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go down too deep, as we’ll come to that in the next step. Once you have some boiling water to hand, it’s time to kickstart the cleaning process by pouring some white vinegar down the drain after the baking powder. If all goes to plan, the two substances should start to react as soon as they come into contact with each other.

Once you hear the distinctive fizz of vinegar and baking soda, then you’ll want to immediately pour the contents of the kettle down the sink. Turn the hot tap on after this, as you don’t want the baking soda solution to cause any damage to your pipes. As it makes its way down the drain, the solution will eventually hit whatever is causing the blockage. Due to the reaction between the two ingredients, it will then burn its way through the blockage, helped by the hot water running behind it. If your blocked sink has been caused by food waste or other organic material, then this technique can really work wonders.

Take Things Up a Level- Try a Plunger

The baking soda method usually does the trick in clearing minor blockages in your drain. However, if the problem still persists, then it may be time for a more intensive approach- and for that, you’ll need a plunger. These come in both full-size models and more compact versions, but both will do the job just fine in this case. What’s important is that you use a plunger with a cup-shaped end for a sink, rather than the flanged versions which are designed for toilets.

To get the plunger working properly, you’ll need to first remove any metal strainers or covers from the plughole, as this will interfere with the process. Next, start running the tap until the sink is about half full, before placing the plunger over the plug. Make sure you get a nice tight seal, or else all your work will be for nothing.  Now it’s time to apply some good, old-fashioned elbow grease and start plunging. Time the plunges so that they are close together and push the plunger down as far as it will go. After a minute or so of this, remove the plunger and check if the sink is now draining properly. If not, then repeat as necessary until you start to get some results.

Clogged Sink Plunger

Only Use Chemical Cleaners as a Last Resort

If you have tried the above tips and still got nowhere, then there is always the possibility of using more powerful chemical cleaners to try and dislodge the blockage. That being said, we would advise against this approach in all but the most drastic of circumstances. While chemical cleaners are indeed effective in burning through many of the most common causes of blockages, that’s not all they will do. Over time, they can also end up doing some serious damage to the pipes themselves, and lead to problems much more serious than the initial blockage. Chemical cleaners can also have a nasty impact on your skin if you spill it, so you should be very careful when using such products.

That’s not to say that it’s never appropriate to use home cleaning products on your drainage system. However, it’s best to not get into the habit of using them too regularly, as this will increase the risk of long-term damage. If you want to keep your drains clear in the long-term, then it’s better to use a less abrasive approach- and luckily, Clark Drainage can help you do exactly that!

Let Clark Drainage Take Care of All Your Drain Maintenance Needs

Our drain maintenance packages help ensure that you will never get caught out by a blocked sink or clogged drain. That’s because we use high-pressure water jets to flush your entire drainage system and wipe out any potential blockages that might be lurking within. This advanced equipment is extremely effective at clearing not just debris, but the oil and fat that sticks to the sides of pipes and causes blockages in the first place. Just to be on the safe side, our maintenance packages also include free call outs- so that if anything does go wrong, we’ll put things right fast and for free!

Whether you’ve got a blocked drain that just won’t clear, or merely want to prevent any future problems from arising, contact Clark Drainage today on 0808 164 0776. With branches across the UK, we are always on hand to help- so be sure to call now!

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