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Drainage Services and Your Restaurant

Drainage Services and Your Restaurant

You can do everything right when it comes to running a restaurant, but something out with your control can cause a severe amount of disruption. From the till system going down to a delivery not turning up, your service can be affected without it being your fault.

One common issue that can tarnish the service or reputation of your eatery is a drainage issue which can cause blocked toilets, flooding, and significantly more. However, you do have control over this by making sure you have reliable technicians on hand.

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Emergency Responses

When you are running a restaurant, the toilets are a vital and not-to-be-overlooked facility in the restaurant. Not only are they crucial for a business in which people are eating and drinking, but dirty or unhygienic toilets can also leave your reputation in tatters.

This is why our emergency response times are so vital in the commercial food industry. We often arrive in as little as 1-2 hours, often coming even sooner. This means that we will help your business to get back to regular service as soon as possible, ensuring your toilets are functional.

We have teams of technicians posted all around the country with vans stocked fully with the equipment and tools they will need to unblock any clogged pipes quickly meaning they can get to work straight away.

Kitchen Waste

The majority of restaurants are very aware of the threat that food and oil waste can cause to their kitchen pipes and take necessary precautions. However, in a commercial environment, there is no way of ensuring that absolutely zero debris makes its way into your pipes.

Kitchen Waste

As a result, it may well be the case that your sink becomes blocked. Again, this can cause significant disruption as you struggle to clean dishes and so on.

There are a few steps you can take to avoid this:

  • Train your staff to understand the repercussions that you can be faced with when washing oils and foods down the plughole.
  • Install a drain guard that will limit the size of food waste that can actually make it down into the pipes.
  • Regularly pour boiling water down the drain, such as water that was being boiled for cooking or just from filling a kettle. This will dislodge the food and oil that has solidified within the system to some degree.

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When it comes to a restaurant, it is so easy to take care of all the difficult stuff such as preparing delicious food while offering fantastic service, only to overlook some of the more underappreciated elements of running commercial food premises.

With a reliable service like Clark Drainage on hand, you can be sure that blocked pipes, toilets, and sinks are one thing that you don’t need to worry about. In an emergency situation, we will have technicians on-site within as little as 1-2 hours.

You can also be sure that no matter what day or time a blockage strikes, our technicians won’t be far away. We have teams available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes all holidays, meaning you won’t be suffering from a Christmas nightmare!

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25th January 2019

Excellent Service

Clark Drainage were extreamly helpful in working around the dates to suit my tenant’s work schedule.

Thomas Jobson
25th January 2019

Great advice

Great advice and service, would recommend.

Phil Guthrie
25th January 2019


I would struggle to find a fault, great service.

Shirley Muir

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