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Drain Relining and Drain Replacement

Drain Relining and Drain Replacement

Drain Relining and Drain Replacement.¬†Should I replace or reline my drains?¬†When there’s any kind of problem with your pipes, either a collapse or a leak, you require professional drainage services. Nevertheless, due to the fact that it is not possible to view and identify the cause of the problem, its often be hard to know what kind of plumbing service you require and the service that will benefit you the most.

The two common methods of solving serious drain pipe issues are drain relining and or drain pipe replacement. Both methods have their own unique, benefits and drawbacks. Below is a brief description of drain relining and drain replacement that will help you decide which drain repair service is right for you.

Drain Relining…

Drain relining is also known as trenchless or no-dig technology and it is the fastest, most cost effective way of repairing your sewer or drain, as there’s no requirement to dig up the damaged pipes. Before any drain relining is done, the drains should first be surveyed and inspected. A CCTV probe is normally used to find the type and exact location of the damage.

The drain is then cleaned and de-scaled using high-pressure water jets and electromechanical machining; once the scales, silt deposits, and the things that caused the blockage have been cleared the pipe is then ready for the relining process.

The UPVC relining sleeve is then inserted into your drain through any opening in the drain. A camera is then used to position it in place and it is then inflated, forcing the UPVC relining sleeve to take the shape of the pipe filling cracks or voids and lining over the damaged parts. After a curing period, of around three hours, the inflation tube is removed and the relined drain section is then cleaned to remove the excess resin solution.

Although your pipes may be out of action for some time, this is the fastest way to get them fixed, you will only have to wait for some time for the new lining to form a strong and smooth bond with the existing pipe and the damage and holes will all be gone.

Drain relining can repair or replace your existing tree root impacted or broken drain without the need to damage landscape garden areas, driveways or pathways. It effectively installs a brand new pipe inside your old drain pipe and that can even be stronger than a PVC Drain -this means minimal inconvenience and disruption, and less maintenance. Drain relining is particularly advantageous on commercial properties, where no downtime is enforced and the businesses can continue as normal.

Drain Replacement…

When a drain is leaking or blocked, it may mean that the pipes are damaged beyond repair and that the only solution is a complete drain replacement.

Drain replacement is exactly as it sounds; the old drains that are causing you to have many problems are taken out of the ground and replaced with brand new pipes. This involves the excavation of the area where the pipes laid, a truly professional and experienced drainage repair company will try to limit the damage as much as is possible.

One of the major problems that are encountered in drain replacement is pipes that run under buildings, this usually results in a lengthy and costly process of diverting the pipes.

The greatest advantage of drain replacement is that it is a long-term solution that replaces your old deteriorated pipes with new modern pipes. Although drain relining lasts for several years, whatever caused the initial damage will eventually occur again. By replacing your old pipes you`ll be able to get the latest materials for both the pipe and lining.

If a large portion of your home`s drain system has been excavated, then it is possible that other plumbing problems can be discovered, such as leakage of water. If you notice any other plumbing problem, you should arrange for other repairs to be carried out, so that you can save your property from more water damage and avoid further excavation!

Call Clark Drainage Today…

If you are still not sure as to whether you require drain relining or drain replacement services, then simply contact Clark Drainage today. The drain relining materials that we use come with a thirty-year manufacturer guarantee and we can help you avoid having to divert your drainage.

All situation are not the same, hence it is important that you gather as much professional advice before making a decision. We offer drain relining and drain replacement services so that we can make sure that all your needs are fully catered for.

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Good job, tenant and landlord very happy. Steve.

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25th January 2019

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I phoned Clark Drainage after I noticed a funny smell from the kitchen sink, within 24hours the block was gone.

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25th January 2019

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Great advice and service, would recommend.

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