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Common Winter Drainage Problems and Effective Ways to Avoid Them

Common Winter Drainage Problems and Effective Ways to Avoid Them

Effective Ways to Avoid Common Winter Drainage Problems. Winter months are around the corner. It is common for us to experience below zero temperatures during the season. During winter, our pipes and drainage systems become vulnerable.

Common Winter Drainage Problems and Effective Ways to Avoid Them - Clark Drainage

You should look for ways of keeping your system at optimum and avoid the common winter faults. If you have a fault, it can be worse during winter. It will become unpleasant and costly to rectify. The fault can render you unable to use certain taps and systems in your home. You need water during winter; the fault of your plumbing system will make you struggle to survive during the harsh winter months. 

To protect you from the common winter problems, we have a list of handy tips you can apply to stay safe during winter months.

Have Your Drains Inspected…

Autumn and winter come with a lot of snow and rain. It is the time when you will discover leaves, branches and other debris blocking your drainage system. It is a costly disaster if your drainage system will block or backup outside your property. You should inspect the drainage system and remove all debris which may be blocking your drainage system. It is easier to check the drainage system and eliminate the leaves and other debris than wait till they create backup outside your property.

Call the right professionals for them to have a cleanup of your drain line and ensure they are in good operating condition before it is too late. The preemptive actions the experts will carry out can save you money in the long run. Always carry out your assessment and invite the best plumbers in the area. It is necessary for you to access the best inspection services.

Winter Drainage Issues - Frozen Pipes - Clark Drainage

Insulate Your Pipes…

You may think that when your pipes are being hidden away, they are safe. You are mistaken; it is where they are hidden away when they are more vulnerable. You will never notice any potential danger till they blow up. Always insulate the pipes to prevent the harsh weather from taking a toll on them.

Once the pipes are exposed to extreme cold, they can end up freezing. The frozen pipes increase the risk of the water outage. It is even more harmful to your property if the extreme cold can lead to bursting of your pipes. You can prevent quick thawing of your pipes through proper insulation.

You can quickly tackle the problem by insulating the most vulnerable pipes in your home. The insulation will keep them functioning throughout winter. You can purchase foam from DIY stores and apply around the pipes. The foam is very simple to fit and it will offer your pipes the necessary protection they need to supply you water thought-out winter.

Fix Your Leaks and Drips…

Even if you have been ignoring your dripping and leaking pipes during summer, you should fix them during winter. It is a waste of water in your home and can as well expose you to further problems during winter months.

If you are not confident to fix the pipes on your own, you should look for a professional plumber who will fix the pipes. Remember, if you damage your faucet further, it may be hard for you to replace. Always ensure you have a durable faucet in place so that you will avoid the problem of water leaks and frequent repair services which are a bit expensive.

Gently Thaw Your Pipes…

If you experience frozen pipes in your property, then you should not panic. It is a common happening during winter. Pouring hot water down the drain won’t help. It can even make the matter worse because it will make the pipes thaw quickly which can lead to the pipes bursting.

For your thawing process to work, you need to get a warm towel and carry out the process gently. The warm towel will provide the necessary warmth to clear away any frozen sections but avoid the quick reaction which can lead to the pipe burst.

Call Clark Drainage Today…

If you need drain inspection this winter, then you need to call us. We can respond in an emergency and offer you the necessary help you need to avoid being stranded during winter. Our professionals know how to tackle different winter problems in a professional manner. Try our services, and you will never regret.

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