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CCTV Surveys – Why They Are Essential to Drainage Maintenance

CCTV Surveys – Why They Are Essential to Drainage Maintenance

When it comes to drainage maintenance, there is one advance in technology in recent years that has revolutionised how drainage technicians work more than any other. This technology allows us to shrink down and climb inside the pipes to explore around until we find the root of the problem. It lets us see everything in very clear detail and show our clients exactly what is going on inside their piping.

No, we aren’t talking about the invention from ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’; we are talking about High Definition CCTV Drain Survey technology.

What is CCTV Drain Survey Technology?

CCTV survey cameras vary depending on what model you are using and what specific purpose you are employing it for, but they all share one fundamental quality; they are crystal clear cameras on the end of a long and sturdy wire.

What is CCTV Drain Survey Technology?

With the proper guidance, these cameras can be guided throughout every nook and cranny of your water drainage system from a single access point. Not only does the camera allow the engineer on the other end to see exactly what is going on within the points, but they can also record. This means that we can show you exactly what is going on providing full transparency to an industry that can be incredibly mysterious.

How Can CCTV Technology Help?

In an ideal world, you will never hear the word excavation when dealing with a drainage engineer. It means extra costs, and it means further disruption – to cut a long story short it is generally a headache. In fact, everything we do is geared towards avoiding the need to excavate at all. That is why we use water jetting to clear blocks as we can do it remotely from a separate access point.

CCTV Drain Technology has helped massively in this endeavour. Occasionally, even the most experienced of technicians will come across an issue that they cannot diagnose without taking a closer look. The nature of our work means that a lot of the things we have to fix are elusive and hiding deep within a piping system. Without getting a closer look, we don’t know exactly what is going on.

In the past, this would mean excavation. We would have to estimate where the problem was and dig up the ground around it to get access to the pipe. This is all well and good, but you might get down there and realise it was a simple fix or discover that the problem is somewhere else entirely.

How Can CCTV Technology Help?

Having the ability to put a camera down there means we can get a closer look without having to go digging. When you cannot diagnose a problem without getting up close and personal, this is absolutely the best way to come up with the most cost-effective method of getting your water drainage system back online and functioning at full capacity.

How Do CCTV Drain Surveys Benefit Our Clients?

Excluding the minimisation of cost and disruption that we mentioned earlier, CCTV footage allows us to keep you in the loop of the whole process when we undertake a camera survey. We provide a PDF file showing precisely what we found as well as a map of your general water drainage system as well as footage of the actual survey.

This means that you can see everything we can. A frustrating thing about many trades is that, for the average client, it is difficult to know precisely what is going on. An electrician, for example, might tell you that A, B and C are wrong with your home’s wiring, but how do you know? How do you say otherwise? In essence, they can potentially say whatever they like.

Because our company supplies you with the footage of the excavation you can see exactly what is going on. If we say there is a collapse deep underground, we can then show you on the footage. If we say there is a blockage even beyond the power of our water jets, then we can show you it and explain exactly how we are going to tackle it.

Useful for Home Buyers

Having a survey conducted can be useful even if you don’t need an urgent repair. For anyone buying a home, it is a good idea to have a CCTV drain survey carried out. When all said and done, you do not want to spend a significant amount of money on a home only to find out that the whole drainage system needs to be overhauled. Our company is happy to conduct independent drainage inspections.

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If you need a drainage repair or maintenance, do not waste your time with a company that does not use CCTV technology. Clark Drainage uses top-of-the-range equipment to ensure that we can keep disruption and costs down for you. We also have technicians available round the clock 365 days a year to make sure that no matter what emergency you are facing, we are always available when you need us most.

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