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3 Common Drainage Problems and How We Fix Them

3 Common Drainage Problems and How We Fix Them

There are many things that can go wrong in your drainage system. When you do not look after your system, the chance of something going wrong is very high. Many things that don’t belong in our pipes end up there and lead to various critical issues. Unfortunately, even when you do maintain your system, critical failures can still arise. In this blog, we will outline three major problems as well as how we address them.

  1. Blocked Drains

By far the most common problems that we deal with, and probably one that you have come across in the past, are blocked drains. Our drainage systems are constantly under siege from pesky substances that do not belong there. Fats and greases from our kitchens, hair from the shower, leaves from the garden – all of these can come together to create a blockage which can cause chaos.

Blocked Drains

We would encourage you to be vigilant and try to stop these things going down the plughole as much as possible and have a guide on what problematic substances you should be wary of here. However, try as you might, there is still a chance a block can still eventually strike, causing widespread water damage and flooding.

When you do end up facing a clog, you can call our emergency response service any second of any day. The vast majority of the time our technicians can employ our water-jetting technology to clear the blockage remotely. Using this, we can break down and flush away the problem clog quickly while causing minimal amounts of disruption.

Occasionally, although very rarely, our teams will come across a blockage with requires them getting up close and personal. Depending on the circumstances, we may have to undertake excavation to move the blockage manually. Remember, however, this is unlikely, and we can still make the process as painless as possible.

  1. Collapses

Every now and again the integrity of a pipe will fail, leading to a failure and ultimate collapse. There are many signs that this might have happened if you notice poor performance from your drains, such as damp or a dip in the ground outside where the problem has arisen, and it is essential you get it attended to straight away.

Unfortunately, these are one of the very few situations where we cannot utilise our water-jetting technology (although we wish we could…). Instead, we will have to replace the problem section of pipe altogether. Naturally, this will involve excavation, the extent of which will be determined by how much pipe actually needs to be replaced.

Many people dread to hear the word excavation, and admittedly it is not the most ideal of situations. However, keep in mind that the procedure does not have to be terribly expensive and disruptive. With our technology and experience, our employees can have the whole project undertaken efficiently and cost-effectively, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

  1. Invasive Tree Roots

It isn’t uncommon for tree roots to cause problems around the house. They are incredibly pervasive and can easily compromise even tough concrete structures. Pipes are no different. If your pipes suffer a crack, nearby tree roots will find their way inside. Naturally, this will lead to a blockage, and you will know a significant reduction in the performance of your drainage system.

Invasive Tree Roots

This is a job where our water-jetting technology can come in handy. We can increase the pressure on our machinery so that it is powerful enough to cut the roots cleanly apart. On the plus side, your pipes are strong enough that the water is completely harmless to them.

Occasionally, the tree roots will have opened up the crack into a significant gap which may require part of the pipe to be replaced. However, this is far from always the case. Usually, it will be a simple and cheap enough fix for our more-than-capable teams.

Are You Facing a Drainage Issue?

If you are facing a clog, collapse, tree root invasion, or simply want to schedule some routine maintenance, look no further than Clark Drainage. With technicians available round the clock, 365 days a year, and an average response time of just 1-2 hours, we are always on-hand to put an end to your emergency before it becomes a catastrophe.

If you would like to speak to an operator right away, call us on 0141 887 0500.

Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form on our site, and one of our employees will be in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

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25th January 2019

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Clark Drainage were extreamly helpful in working around the dates to suit my tenant’s work schedule.

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