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12 Things That You Should Always Avoid Putting into Your Drain

12 Things That You Should Always Avoid Putting into Your Drain

What things should  you always avoid putting into your drains. When our drainage units work flawlessly like they should, we often end up overlooking the little details. In this process, we allow things to go inside the drain which actually shouldn’t.

Doing this is something you need to avoid as it can lead to a bigger drainage issue in the long run. In the following section we’ll talk about 12 such things that you should never shove down your drain.

Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Drain…

  1. Grease – Grease and greasy substances can be detrimental for your drain. The melted fat from meat and bacon along with gravy from your meals can lead to severe clogging of drains.
  2. Eggshells – Most of the times, we peel the shell of a boiled egg over the sink for catching the small flakes that might break off. However, this is something you need to avoid as the sharp parts from the shells can clog up and damage your drain.
  3. Cotton buds – Being an extremely absorbent material, cotton is likely to expand in drains. This leads to a massive drain blockage. The plastic handle too is not biodegradable and it can add to the problems by clogging your drain.
  4. Medicines – Whether it is a liquid medicine or solid capsule, throwing medicine down the drain is something that you need to avoid. Try to avoid putting undiluted medicines, irrespective of the quantity.
  5. Oil – It does not really matter what kind of oil you had been using. Under any situation, you cannot let them go down your drainage system. This includes cooking oil, dressing from salads, any baking fluid or similar product.
  6. Condoms and other hygiene products – Condoms are made of latex which is non-biodegradable. This means it will clog your drain and affect the entire sewage unit. Therefore, always try to bin these used condoms instead of flushing them.
  7. Fat – Fat from the trimmings of meat, butters, ice cream, cheese, cakes, milk, lard or any other source is likely to affect your drain. Try disposing fat elsewhere.
  8. Paint – While using paint, you should always make it a point to dispose it in a responsible way. This simply means that you should not flush it in your drains. Paint is highly toxic in nature and it not only clogs your drains but also affects the environment.
  9. Stickers from fruits, meat and veggies – If you are someone who regularly rinses their fruits and veggies down the sink, always remember that the stickers on them can also go down the drain and this in turn can cause major trouble by getting caught on filters.
  10. Regular cleaning items – Advertisements tell us that antibacterial bleaches and cleaning stuff are really good for our surfaces and, that they kill all germs and microbes right away. But at times, they end up causing more harm than good. They won’t kill the germs in the long run and would merely make the existing germs resistant to all antibacterial formulas. Try using natural cleaners instead of this stuff.
  11. Coffee grounds – If you have ever happened to leave the lid of your coffee off for a long time, you will know that the coffee grounds are likely to be hardened and congealed when they are oxygenated. While they are usually washed right away, they can be diluted with the dirty water and block the drain in the long run.
  12. Food – Irrespective of the situation or circumstance, you should never let food wash down through the drain. This is because; food builds up in the u-blend of your drainpipes thereby leading to a massive blockage. The clogged food in the drain causes your water to smell and taste bad. Although small bits of food can go down once in a while, larger bits can create serious issues. At such a point of time, you might even need the assistance of professional drain treatment experts like Clark Drainage.


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