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Controlling What Does and Doesn’t Enter Your Drainage System

In our last blog about good habits that you can employ throughout 2019, we mentioned that remaining vigilant about what enters your drainage system is absolutely crucial. However, we didn’t expand on this much further, which isn’t particularly helpful! In...

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Controlling Fats and Greases

Drainage Resolutions for 2019

Now that 2019 has begun, many of you will be making the usual resolutions such as losing weight, starting a new hobby, or giving up alcohol. By all means, give those a go, but this is the perfect opportunity to...

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Looking After Your Drains in 2019

Three Tips for Maintaining Functional Drains

An incredible amount of debris and other problematic materials will enter your drains and cause clogs. These blockages can result in bursts or cracks and can lead to waste water backing up and filling a sink, bath, or worse. Keeping...

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Use Plughole Guards

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Winter

Although often beautiful and festive, Winter presents a lot of problems both in and around the home. As the temperatures plummet and the sun seems to disappear for a few months, water pipes are at severe risk of freezing. In...

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The Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

Like all industries, technology has revolutionised how we operate within the drainage industry. For example, high-pressure water jets have not always been available, and metal pipes used to be the norm, rather than PVC. However, the invention which has changed...

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What is CCTV Drain Survey Equipment?

The Difference Between Rainwater and Wastewater

Many people find the notion of rainwater and wastewater. They assume that it all goes to the same place and is treated in precisely the same way. However, this is far from the case. In this blog, we will examine...

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Does Gutter Water and Wastewater Go to the Same Place?

Different Types of Drainage Pipes Explained

Drainage systems can be complicated. The vast majority of people know what they do, but not how they work. As a result, many people are not in a good position to make decisions on options such as what pipes are...

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What Different Kinds of Drainage Pipes Are Available?

Should I Be Using a Chemical Cleaner on My Drainage System?

Drain cleaner is a popular product which many people rely on to clear their drains whenever a clog or blockage takes place. However, this product is not quite as wonderful as it might first appear, and in this blog, we...

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Why You Should Not Use Drain Cleaners

The Problem With Metal Pipes

As with all industries, the materials we utilise change over time. This can be for a number of reasons; technological advances, changing needs, or indeed just a difference in fashions. Within the drainage industry, we have moved away from using...

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Our Top Five Tips for Drain Maintenance

Keeping your drainage system clear and fully functional is vital. Failure to do so can result in a clog or even collapse, which can lead to thousands of pounds in repairs. In this blog, we will discuss our top five...

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Five Ways to Keep Your Drains Clear