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Clark Drainage is a drain system repair organisation which provides rapid response twenty-four hour service. We have been supporting the sewage piping of Scotland since 2005. We are available any time, every day of the year, and have a standard response period of just 1-2 hours.

for more than 10 years, we have had time to assemble an army of qualified professionals which have the experience and training to deal with any predicament they are presented with from drain cleaning to full installations. This enables us to deal with situations with ease employing the most cost-effective approaches, which creates savings which will be reflected in our prices.

In addition, we believe in being as transparent as possible which is the reason why we’ll provide you with a fully fleshed out quote before starting work. On top of that, our technicians will be as informative as possible and will answer any questions you may have to ensure you will always be aware of what is going on.

Having excellent staff is crucial, but there’s a limited amount they are able to accomplish without the right gear. We equip our technicians with all the best cutting-edge technology which allows them to complete any job from household drain unblocking to massive industrial installations. We also stock our vans fully with whatever they could require at all times, so there is no delay in terms of beginning work.

We have made an effort to set up offices across the Central Belt and nationwide so that we sustain the attentive service of a local business while having the ability to use the resources of an expansive national organisation. If you need a sudden drainage repair or simply need to put together some upkeep, give Clark Drainage a call today on 0808 164 0776.

Blocked Drains Clermiston, Cleaning & Repairs Get in touch

When our teams are called out to a property, Blocked drains are typically the complication creating the issue. They can do an incredible amount of harm in very little time and will appear with little to no forewarning.

Clogs and interferences are so very typical because of the sheer volume of potentially harmful substances that many of us wash away down our drains. Whether it is hair you lose in the shower, the fats and greases which we scrub off of our plates, or the plant matter and leaves that work their way inside our systems from outside, our systems are always under attack.

There are precautions you can take to stop these issues from developing, however it’s not unusual for a clog to show up even when a network is relatively well-cared for. When things cease working correctly, you need to employ a professional company with high-pressure water jetting technology.

You may imagine clogged drains are no more than an inconvenience. However, in reality, the water damage and flooding which can follow will do extreme and expensive damage to your property. It is important that drain unblocking is carried out as quickly as possible to protect yourself from structural troubles, extensive flooding, and waterlogged gardens.

We prioritise urgent jobs which means that it is not unusual for us to be at your home within the hour. Making use of the latest high-pressure water jetting technologies, our specialists will make short work of any clog inside your sewage system and can have the entire thing performing at 100% potential before you know it. Our high-pressure water jets can clear out just about anything and are absolutely harmless to the integrity of your pipes.

Blocked drains unfortunately don’t work standard office hours, and so neither do we. We are available at any hour, every single day of the year, to ensure that we are always there when you require us. With regards to an issue as pressing as drain unblocking, you need to ensure you are doing business with professionals which it is possible to depend upon, so look no further than Clark Drainage.

To keep up our amazing service and commitment to dealing with every blocked drain as soon as they occur, we are available every second of every day. In terms of an issue as critical as this, you cannot waste a second. You must to employ industry experts that you can rely on completely. That is where Clark Drainage shines.

There is always the possibility that some type of issue which calls for drain unblocking will crop up, however, you can aid in eliminating this risk drastically by arranging regular upkeep. When it comes to water drainage systems, the most effective thing you can do is arrange professional cleaning to halt the constant build-up of blockages.

Routine and regular high-pressure water jetting will make sure your plumbing is consistently clean and can blast away any potentially tricky waste before critical drain unblocking is actually required. In case you are anxious this approach will be pricey and bothersome, be assured we are able to be done in just two hours, leaving your pipes functioning at full potential while substantially reducing your risk of severe malfunction.

If you have found any of these problems with your drainage, you may gain advantage from some specialist drain cleaning:

    • Unusual sounds as water drains
    • Unpleasant smells drifting out of the plughole
    • Dirt gathering around the plughole

However, cleaning will still benefit even what seems to be a perfectly functional sewage network. Whilst the previously mentioned concerns imply that a clog is impending, cleaning will ensure your pipes keep performing at full capacity and will guarantee that the previously mentioned issues will not crop up in the first place. Drain cleaning lets you tackle the problems within your plumbing before they become a concern when it’s both more affordable and simpler.

From time to time, some drainage problems will be so elusive that even the most seasoned technician will have to take a closer look to identify it. After all, they’re typically underground! Nevertheless, you do not need to be concerned; we aren’t going to instantly commence tearing apart your garden and ruining your floors to gain access to your pipes – we can employ our CCTV Drain Survey Technology to attain a good view.

This remarkable and useful tool allows us to explore your piping with an HD digital camera to investigate the situation. This is the optiumum method to go about analysing the problem, and by getting a very clear look at what is happening, we can easily develop an effective and cost-effective strategy to repair it which will have your drainage system fully functional as quickly as possible.

As stated earlier, we also think that openness is paramount with regards to offering solid customer service. This device enables us to provide you with a unrivaled view of precisely what has gone wrong by giving you the video along with a supporting report. From blocked pipes and collapsed pipes to invasive tree roots, the video apparatus will uncover it.

High-pressure water jets are the most common instrument from our arsenal that our team will utilise to rectify your drainage network. Every now and then, however, we might need direct access to the malfunctioning area in question and so can’t work remotely. The best method to accomplish this is to conduct an excavation.

With many novice companies, excavation will be tremendously pricey and time-consuming. However, our staff have been equipped with the resources and instruction to help make the process as efficient as possible. Whether you require only a portion of a pipe replaced or a whole network renovation, our specialists will get to work immediately and complete the necessary repairs efficiently, making what could be a terrible thing totally smooth.

Water does no hanging about when it is not channeled adequately, and consequently time is paramount with regards to drain unblocking or repair. You need a service you can rely on, which is why we are at the ready round the clock, all year round.

Despite the fact that our official reaction time comes in at roughly 1-2 hours on average, this does not offer a sense of our urgent situation response time. Given that we respond to urgent situations first, we can often turn up inside the hour. Additionally, because every moment squandered may result in more expensive damage, our technicians are consistently equipped almost every scenario. As a result, we are able to commence work as soon as they show up, saving essential time.

Don’t settle for imperfect service when it comes to drainage; the risk of letting water to flow unguided is far too great.

When everything is operating as designed, the average person does not give considerable attention to it. The moment the water has been guided away it’s no longer something we have to deal with; we hardly give it additional consideration. However, should the water cease to draining away, all of a sudden it grabs our attention. We’re here to provide all of the assistance and service you will need to keep your pipes operating smoothly.

If you require one of our teams immediately to carry out drain unblocking or maintenance, or if you have got any queries about our service, ring us on 0808 164 0776.

If you cannot talk at the moment and would rather we phoned you, fill out the enquiry form on our site and one of our personnel will get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

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